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Enjoy life during walk and bicycle tour!

Go for a walk and/or cycle with your personal guide who knows the track and has initmate knowledge about the tour because he devised it. Give all your attention to the scenery and the stories about nature, culture and history. You don't have to worry about the route, but will be led off the beaten track on a tour custom made for you. Make more out of your holiday in a wonderfully relaxed way.
Cycle tours start around 10.00 o'clock and will last until somewhere between 15.00 and 16.00. Walk tours will commence at 10.00 o'clock and finish around 12.30 as well as between 19.00 till around 21.30.
The details will depend on the weather and the tour type.

The tour is open to 10-20 bikers with the aim to travel at 15-20 km per hour. Such casual speed permits all participants to enjoy the sights as well as the informations your guide will provide. The earphones/walkie-talkies we use allows everyone to get all the information without having to stop constantly.
Ask for more information about our tours at your partner hotels, Noordwijk Info or Mooijkind Tweewielers for direct bookings.
For adresses see the page with contactinformation --

Basic Cylcle tours:
The Flower-and-Resort-Tour (about 40 km/2 parts of the day) --
The Rembrandt-Tour (about 40 km/2 parts of the day) --
The Manor-Tour (about 55 km/2 parts of the day) --
The Cruquius-Tour (about 50 km/2 parts of the day) --
The 'Beautiful Noordwijk'-Tour (about 25 km 2,5 hour/1 part of the day) --
Noordwijk aan Zee (about 12,5 km - 1 hour/part of the day) --

Basis combi cycle-walk tour:
Amsterdamse Waterleiding Duinen --
(Bicycle about 20 km; walking about 5 km - 2,5-3 hour)

Basic walk tours:
Noordwijk aan Zee (Walk tour about 12,5 km - 2,5-3 hour) --
Noordwijk Binnen (Guided tour about 4 km - 1,5-2,5 hour) --

You can order many other tours or versions.
You recieve by enrollement a list with focus on attentions and conditions

You can find all pictures in the digital picturebook 'Noordwijk in vogelvlucht'*. --
(* Noordwijk in a birds-view)

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